Battle City Flash

It is really tough task to find a person indifferent to Battle City game. Many like this game for its simplicity and fascination, as it is said, everything of genius is simple. It is really easy to grasp the idea of the game: you control a small tank, the main task of which is to wipe out all enemy warlike vehicles, earlier than they reach and destroy your battle standard. Another interesting side of the game are its numerous levels, which are different from each other, so you can have a very good time from dusk till dawn. There is also a room for your own creativity - authors give you an opportunity to build your own level and play it.

The game will also perfectly suit those who like battles with your friend - this way it becomes even more exciting. As many other games of the genre Battle City ROM provides you with lots of different power-ups and bonuses, most interesting of which allow you to transform into more powerful warlike unit, having extra advantages on the battlefield.

You can play Battle City flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Battle City Online.

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